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Shades of White

Categories: Color, KitchensJanuary 16, 2013

Jana wrote:

I have nutmeg color walls in my kitchen. (Not sure of the exact color, but it resembles nutmeg to me). I was wondering: I have plain oak cabinets and wanted to paint them. What color would you recommend that would go with the wall color? Thanks! 

Diane answered:

Hi Jana -

Since nutmeg is a warm brown color, I would paint the cabinets in a shade of white. This will create an eye-pleasing contrast. You could choose between a cool white or a warm white depending on the feel you want for the room. If you would like the room to feel cozier or warmer - I would go with Antique White If you would like to cool the brown a bit - use a brighter white like Crisp Linen White (my favorite) or Shell White. I would get a paint chip in each color at the paint store and tape them to your cabinets as near to the wall color as possible. See how each color looks throughout the day and evening hours. You will see the colors will change a bit depending on the amount of light. This will help you choose the right color.

The nice thing about white cabinets and the nutmeg colored walls is that you can add any color in the way of fabric and accessories to the room and they will go perfectly. If you don't have a favorite color in mind to use as an accent color- turquoise or emerald green are hot colors right now and would be nice accents in the way of dish towels, fabric for a window treatment, or a throw rug. Since the cabinets and wall are neutrals - when you tire of an accent color, you can make a quick switcheroo of the accessories to easily create an entire new look for the space.

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