October 1, 2014

A Change of Color

Kristi Writes: I recently painted my great room Tawny Birch and have one accent wall painted Honey Beige. My furniture is dark wood. The accent wall features a large, dark wood shelf unit. My living room includes one large window and a sliding glass door. I'm also looking for window coverings for both. I am interested in changing the color palette of my living room and kitchen. What colors would complement these paint colors? Thank you!  See Answer From Michael Wurm Jr »
October 1, 2014

An Update for a Room with Cream Shelves

Rachelle Writes: I am in a funk! My room has cream shelves but I wanted to paint the room white – wouldn’t that look funny with the cream? I need some advice on what color to paint my room.   Another problem I have is my room is very small but I want to add furniture to it. How do I do that and still keep the room looking nice and open? See Answer From Nicole Balch »
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September 24, 2014

Adding a Wall of Color

Barbara Writes: I have just bought a dark chocolate colored couch and loveseat, and my curtains are a maroon color. I would like to color one wall a dark color and I’m not sure what color to go with..the walls are currently painted eggshell white. Thanks! See Answer From Michael Wurm Jr »
September 8, 2014

Try Herbal Hues for a Calmer Kitchen

Cynita Writes: I want to paint my kitchen in a soothing green, and my cabinet are dark and counter tops are earth toned.  My appliances are stainless steel and the backsplash has browns and tans. Greens are very difficult, and I don’t want a bright lime color, so what is a good choice? See Answer From Erika Ward »
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September 8, 2014

Painting Trim for a Victorian Italianate Home

Myrna Writes: Painting trim for an 1882 Victorian Italianate home. The new siding will be dark tan, and there are no shutters. I think I want a Red Delicious door, but what other warm colors would go with the brown siding and red door?  See Answer From Eduardo Rodriguez »
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September 8, 2014

Warm Paint Colors To Coordinate with Australian Cypress Flooring

Ruth Writes: What color of paint could I use in my living room if I have Australian Cypress floors (has an orange tint to it).  I would like a warm color not a cool color like grey or taupe.  Any help you give me would be greatly appreciated. My husband and daughter like spa like green colors, beiges and earthy colors.   Thanks. See Answer From Diane Henkler »