Great Game Colors

Donna wrote:

I am painting a basement (family room) and it will be used for our kids and their friends for movies, games (wii, playstation etc..).  I am a big Chicago Bears fan and have lots of blue and orange color on the walls with pictures, jerseys, helmets etc...  We have dark brown leather furniture and an area rug with warm colors like tan, green, red, orange in the carpet.  The floor is a light tan ceramic tile and there is one wall with brown paneling.  I really want a warm color and would love to possibly add some shade of orange on at least an accent wall and possibly add another accent color too. Please help...

Kate answered:

Wow Donna, that sounds like a really fun space! I love the idea of adding more orange and blue to the space since you’re big Bears fans. Blue is a cooler hue so it will help to balance the warmer tones in the room. I just recently used Rich Navy to paint a dresser, it’s a really beautiful deep blue. Sunbaked Orange and Fresh Tangerines are two vivid mid tone oranges that would look fantastic too! Read More >>

From Little Girl’s Room to a Teen’s Dream


Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl and my room which was painted pink when I was 8. It’s getting a bit young for me so recently my parents gave me permission to repaint. I'm not sure exactly what I want but my colors are gray and teal. But I feel like so need an accent color are not sure which color to choose I picked out a coral pink but I'm now looking at purples and other colors should I not do gray or what accent color should I choose??? HELP!!

See answer from Lindsay Ballard >>
Categories: Bedrooms, Color

Turquoise at the Office


I will have a new office at work this summer. It is a small space with no windows. I am refinishing an old wood desk in a turquoise color. I want the office to feel warm and cozy. My style tends to be eclectic and retro mixed together. What color would you suggest I paint the walls? Three of the walls are cement block. Thank you.

See answer from Nicole Balch >>
Categories: Color, Offices

From the Bottom to the Top: Choosing a Wall Color When You Have Bossy Carpet


We close on our home tomorrow and the home has chocolate brown carpeting.  The walls and ceilings are painted the same color, a light color that almost looks a hint of peach which won't go with our decor.  I know I want to go a light tan color or beige in the house and possibly a pop of color in the kitchen, my question centers around the color of the ceiling.  Should I paint the ceiling to match the walls or make them an eggshell or white?  Ceilings are popcorn and we're not prepared to remove the popcorn at this time and they have been painted over before.

See answer from Erika Ward >>

Accent Colors for a Pink Bedroom


Hello. We have a pink master bedroom with a white ceiling. The floor is grey-white marble, and there are no rugs, at least for now. We have carved solid wood bedroom furniture in a dark stain. What colours should we use for curtains and bedding? I am told that dark grey would help balance the 'sweetness' in the pink walls but I suspect it may not work with our walnut doors and windows and traditional dark furniture. Do you think mint green and white patterned/floral curtains might give the room a fresh and airy feeling while also being consistent with an eclectic style? What other colours might complement this colour scheme? Regards.


See answer from Melissa Michaels >>
Categories: Bedrooms, Color

Coordinating Bedding with Muted Yellow Walls


My master bedroom is now a somewhat muted yellow, new home, and my comforter etc. Is croscill chambord, which combines sage, smoky plum, off white and some gold.  Do I really need to repaint the room, or can I accessorize with those colors?

See answer from Diane Henkler >>
Categories: Bedrooms, Color
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