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Modernizing a Mahogany Bedroom Set

Lina wrote:

I'm currently looking for some colors for my parents' bedroom. All of their furniture is mahogany and I'd like to find a color pallet that won't clash. I'd also like to make an accent wall! HELP.

Nicole answered:

Mahogany is a dark brown with a lot of red to it, so the trick to making it work without clashing is to stick with colors that will complement the warm undertones of the wood. Warm whites and greys are nice if you’re looking for a neutral. Try Pink Petal White or Wood Smoke. For the accent wall you’d like, blues and greens would be lovely, like Cornflower Bouquet, Soft Blueberry, or Pale Jade. And if your parents are up for it, purple would look fantastic with mahogany! Black Tulip would be especially dramatic. Then for bedding, either work in the accent wall color, or go with something classic like white. The mahogany furniture is going to look fresh and new!Read More >>

Categories: Bedrooms, Color

Shades of Grey for a Soothing Slumber


I would like to paint my bedroom three shades of grey.  One color for one wall and the ceiling as well as one color for the other three walls and another for the trim and doors. I would like the trim and doors to be the darkest color in the room. I do not want tones of pink, green, or blue in the grey and I would generally prefer warmer tones.  Only the trim and doors should be the darker shade.


Additionally, the carpet is very light and there are two window frames, baseboards and louvered closet doors. 

See answer from Erika Ward >>
Categories: Bedrooms, Color

Crazy for Navy cabinets!


I am looking for a color to paint my kitchen cabinets. I used the Glidden Vanilla Shake color for the walls, and I have since installed new counter tops, so now I need a complimentary cabinet color!

See answer from Stefanie Schiada >>
Categories: Color, Kitchens

Consistency Means Calm


Three of the rooms in my house run together: the entryway, dining room, and living room. As such, I am wondering if I need to paint each of these rooms the same color or if my color palette could vary by room. 


See answer from Kate Riley >>

Top Three Beige/Taupe Paints with Green Undertones


I am trying to find paint colors I can save to my project folder, but there seem to be limited choices/suggestions. How do I upload colors to use when I want to try some out? I was hoping to see what my living room would look like by testing out a few different paint colors.


Thank you!

See answer from Erika Ward >>

Going Grey


I would like to paint two of the bedrooms in my house grey. I have light tan carpet in both these rooms and need a suggestion on the perfect shade of grey! As of now, one bedroom currently has zebra stripes with red accents. Additionally, the color must allow me to change the decor of the room with ease. 

See answer from Michael Wurm Jr >>
Categories: Bedrooms, Color
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